ASEAN TMclass - Disclaimer

ASEAN TMclass is an online classification tool to consult a database of terms accepted by the participating ASEAN IP Offices for the purpose of the classification of terms according to international standards. ASEAN TMclass is of a purely informative nature.

The participating offices are identified in the HOME page with a green button to the left of the respective country name. The participation of each office is voluntary.

Our goal is to keep this information timely and accurate. If errors are identified, please contact us and we will endeavour to correct them.

However, we accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever with regard to the material on this site. This material is:

  • classification data that has been validated by the individual participating offices. Each office is responsible for the data in its official filing language(s). Please note that classification terms accepted by one participating office may not be acceptable by another office.
  • information of a general nature only which is not intended to address the specific circumstances of any particular individual or entity;
  • not necessarily comprehensive, complete, accurate or up to date;
  • not professional or legal advice (if specific advice is required, please consult a suitably qualified professional).

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Technical errors and malfunctions, availability

The ASEAN IP Offices cannot guarantee that the database will always be available. Whilst we are committed to ensuring that the availability of the database will be essentially uninterrupted and that transmissions will be error-free, this cannot be guaranteed. Access to the database and its services may also occasionally be suspended, restricted or impeded to permit repairs, maintenance or the introduction of new services or facilities.

The technical maintenance this online tool and server falls under the responsibility of the ASEAN IP Offices. ECAP III project accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage of whatever nature arising in any way out of the use of or inability to use the database.


The ASEAN IP Offices shall not be liable and accepts no representation or responsibility for the functionality or contents of external websites, services or software products hyperlinked from the database. The use of such websites, services or software products is at the sole risk of the user.

Disclaimer Tree Structure

The classification of goods and services is subject to article 2 paragraph 1 of the Nice Agreement, and serves administrative purposes only. Usage of the tree structure is without prejudice to legal decisions concerning genuine use, or similarity and/or identity between goods and/or services. Such decisions can only be taken by the competent authorities.